Senior Portrait Blog / Beware of the Fauxtographers

  • Published April 16th, 2012 by Jessica

Let's face it.  With digital cameras these days, everyone calls themselves a photographer.  You can search "professional photographers in Dacula, GA" in the Google search bar and get over 100,00 results of people who call themselves professional photographers within a 10-mile radius of your home.  So how do you decide on the professional photographer for your portraits?

One thing to think about is education.  There are many organizations out there that professional photographers are members of.  The memberships are a sort of "status quo" for photographers, or the "who's who of professional photography."  Organizations like Professional Photographers of America (PPA), or Southeastern Professional Photographers of America (SEPPA,) give photographers the extra education and training they need to stay current in their profession.  Photographers earn merits through photography competition.  What does this mean for you?  It means you are using the BEST OF THE BEST in the photography world.

Another thing to think about is the reason you are hiring a photographer.  You hire a photographer because you love their work and want them to create a piece of artwork for your home.  It may be nice to have back-up files of the images that you order (just in case you need them,) however, you hired a professional to give you beautiful canvas prints, stunning collage albums, and any other decorative items for your home.  This is why you will find that most professional photographers will not simply sell their files to you.  In fact, we actually have clients who bring in cd's that other photographers burned for them.  They ask us to digitally master and correct their images, and then they order prints and albums from us because they know that the quality is far superior than anywhere else that they can take their cd. a cd a piece of art?   I mean REALLY... I would love to hang a cd on my wall to showcase what I spent my hardearned money on!

So.  What is a FAUXTOGRAPHER?  Anyone with a camera; iPhone, Point and Shoot, Digital Rebel...calls themself a photographer these days.  They say things like, "I will shoot your photos for far less than the other photographers," or "Why go to a stuffy studio?"  Well, chances are they don't have a studio or professional equipment and they have no idea of the true costs of running a legit business.  These photographers usually simply hand you a cd.  I guess that is their form of art.  Sometimes you are lucky enough that they actually edit the photos and throw out the bad ones.  You might have a few de-saturated images (that they call vintage,) and then... well, you are left to your own demise to color-correct, retouch, and print your own images. Check out this blog.  It does a great job defining fauxtographers as well.  Check it out here.



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Senior Portrait Blog / Friday Favorites

  • Published April 13th, 2012 by Jessica

This Friday's Favorites show the beautiful simplicity of Black & White photography.  (We pumped up the contrast a little for more definition and a blown out look.)

Black and white photos make for classic, yet contemporary, looking senior portraits.  Don't forget to come back to check out our

senior portrait blog for more of Friday's Favorites!

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Senior Portrait Blog / New Senior Site

  • Published April 11th, 2012 by Jessica

Yay!  It is finally live.  We have been patiently waiting to see our "New Senior Portrait Site" in action.  Check it out for yourself here.

Here are the marketing materials we designed to match our new site.  Check your mailbox soon for the first mailer!

Thanks for taking the time to check out our senior portrait blog!

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Senior Portrait Blog / A Little Vintage Inspiration

  • Published April 9th, 2012 by Jessica

One popular senior photography trend that we love, brings a little nostalgia to your photographs.  It is slightly whimsical, dreamy and has lots of vintage inspiration.  So many of today's fashions are vintage inspired, so what better way to show off your threads than vintage portraits.

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Senior Portrait Blog / Friday Favorites

  • Published April 6th, 2012 by Jessica

We were so exited to photograpy Shannon Thompson from Mountain View this week.  We have had such beautiful weather this past month, we were aching to get out and photograph a senior with all of the flowers in bloom.  She even let us photograph her at her Grandmother's farm in Lilburn!  Here are a few of our favorites from the session.

The first three images were from the farm...complete with a cute black kitty!

The last two were taken at the studio.  We LOVE the volleyball she brought!

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Senior Portrait Blog / Investing in Your Memories

  • Published April 4th, 2012 by Jessica

Let's face it...  your senior year adds up quick.  There are senior dues, prom tickets, college applications, etc.  One other item to add to the list is senior portraits.  I bet if I were to ask a parent of a high school senior when the last time their child had professional portraits taken (other than the ones at school,) he/she will say it has been several years.  Possibly even over ten years!

Most people do not consider this: after your senior year, the next time that you will most likely have professional portraits will be at your wedding.  YES!  YOUR WEDDING!  I know... that is crazy to think about.  However, it is also crazy for parents to think about their child going off to college.  But don't worry... they will come back when they run out of money or want a good home cooked meal.  I did at least:)

Anyways, when you child is off to school, what will you have to remember them by?  Portraits of course!  You will have beautiful portraits that remind you exactly of your child.  We know that this is an important time in your life as well as your senior's.   We want to capture your child's memories and create one-of-a-kind documentation for you to swoon over for years and years.

That is why we offer multiple sessions for you to choose from.  From the standard tux or drape to our 6 outfit session, you are sure to get the session you want.  As for the portrait end of things, most people spend anywhere from $200 to $1800; however, we do not have a minimum purchase at our studio.  This allows every senior and their family to go home with portraits reminding them of this time. We have Collections, A-La-Carte pricing, and other custom items available.  We also offer bonus gifts when you reach different levels of spending.

Bottom line... this is an important time in your life and memories are worth the investment.  To download our pricing, click here.


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Senior Portrait Blog / Friday Favorites

  • Published March 30th, 2012 by Jessica

The truth of the matter alone is that most senior guys do not want to have their picture taken.  This fact is exactly why we highly reccommend that senior guys bring items from their favorite sport or activity to their session.  This is always a great icebreaker to get the guys at ease in front of the camera.  What does this mean for you?  It means more personal and relaxed portraits with natural smiles.  Check out a few of our favorites below.

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