Senior Portrait Blog / Portrait Styles for Everyone

  • Published March 26th, 2012 by Jessica

Take a look at our senior galleries and you will see a mix of styles... some traditional and some more contemporary.  We think it is important that we offer a balance between the two styles.  Trends are ever changing and it is imperative that we offer current trends but still offer a little something that will remain timeless in years to come.  (I grew up in the 80's... although 80's clothing is back in style, I would die if ALL of my pictures of me were wearing parachute pants.  I NEVER want to re-visit that era again!)

Many people think that the word traditional means "old."  I, however, believe that traditional is "timeless."  Yes, traditional photos can possibly look old, but that is usually due to particular clothing or hairstyles in the portrait.  A simple suggestion to avoid a senior portrait looking old in the years to come: choose a simple outfit to be photographed in... A solid white dress or khakis and a polo with minimal or no accessories in your hair would be ideal.

Lynn's style leans a little more on the traditional side, so she is sure to create a timeless piece of art for you to hang on your wall.  I try to shoot a little more candid, by experimenting and trying new ideas when I shoot.  I aim for storytelling imagery.

We, as a team, strive to reach a balance of hapiness for both our seniors and our parents.  Most parents tend to like the more traditional approach, while a lot of our seniors like to push the boundaries of photography and get a more trendy look.  This is why we have not defined our style as one look or the other.  We feel that both of our styles combined create a perfect harmony between both parents' and seniors' wants and needs for senior portraits.

To taylor a session to fit your unique individual lifestyle, we highly suggest a consultation with us prior to your session.  This allows us to hone in on your specific style and make suggestions along the way.



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Senior Portrait Blog / Friday's Favorites

  • Published March 23rd, 2012 by Jessica

So, every Friday we are going to post a few of our favorite senior photos.  Since this is typically a slower time for senior portraits, Kara, a senior from Banks County High School came into model for us.  She let us try out a few of our new backgrounds and play around a little.  Kayla recently appeared on the Wendy Williams show for a contest that she was trying to win.  She was competing for a chance to be a correspondent for the Hunger Games premiere.  Check her out interviewing the cast members of the Hunger Games here, then take a peek at her pics below!




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Senior Portrait Blog / Senior Portraits Are More Than Just Taking a Photo

  • Published March 21st, 2012 by Jessica

I remember my senior year, because it was the best year from all of my childhood years... skip day, prom, varsity soccer and of course the cute boys:)  Although it was over ten years ago from when I graduated, I remember going to the school during the summer right before my senior year to have my portraits taken for the yearbook by the school photography company.  I couldn't wait to get them back and see what I had to choose from! 

I was so disappointed when my proofs arrived.  I thought they were boring, dull and mucho, mucho cheesy!  I even had several photos that were improperly lit.  It was scary to think that those photos were all I had to remember my senior year by,  until I started receiving mailers from a local studio, John Barfield Photography.  The seniors shown on his card were very relaxed in their posing and I was drawn to all of the outdoor options that were offered. 

I thought I was going to have to beg my dad to let me take my senior portraits again at John Barfield, but boy, was I wrong.  As a teenager, I never really wanted to have my pictures taken.  So, when I asked to have professional portraits done at a studio that I liked... my dad was more than happy to take me!  (In fact, he may have literally dragged me there.)

My experience at John Barfield was so different than the one I had at school.  The session with my photographer was much more personal.  He took the time to get to know me and help me relax in my photographs.  I walked around to different set ups and backgrounds rather than standing with the "good old" SENIOR block and doing all of my photos with the same backgrounds.  The results... well, they were far better than I ever expected.  There were no forced and uncomfortable smiles like the ones I gave to my school photographer, and I could never have asked for more variety.  (He even captured a beautiful "serious" look... and I never liked that look on me.)

After my experience at John Barfield's studio, I realized something.  Portraits are much more than just taking pictures.  It is about the experience that you have at the studio and the relationship that cultivates with your photographer.  There is also a higher level of customer service that customers receive.  Rather than "getting you in and hurrying you out," a professional studio will set aside ample time to help you make all of the important decisions regarding your session and photography.  All of these things combined, are why it is important to mark this milestone with professional portraits.  Anyone can take a picture.  But a picture is just not good enough for your senior year.  Choose a professional photographer to take great senior portraits!

P.S.  I was able to get my hands on a few of my senior portraits.  The images below are used with the permission of John Barfield.


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Senior Portrait Blog / Spring Booking Special

  • Published March 19th, 2012 by Jessica

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New Senior Blog with a New Site to Follow!

  • Published February 29th, 2012 by Jessica

Welcome to our new, dedicated Senior Portrait Blog!  Lynn and I have decided to split up our marketing efforts this year and I will be in charge of our senior campaign.  Over the next few weeks you will see updated content on our blog pages as well as new posts. 

One thing we would like to share is about our NEW WEBSITE coming soon!!!!  I worked very hard to design our new Senior portrait website to match our marketing campaign.  We have sent it off to our website designer, Mike Saville, so he can write the code for it and get it going live.  (All that crazy computer code stuff is WAY over my head.)  It should be ready really soon.  We have completed all of our marketing for the Class of 2013 and will be sending out the first mailer in the next few months.  Juniors, keep a look out for our card!

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How about Senior portraits like this?

  • Published January 16th, 2012 by Jessica

Even though it is winter here in Georgia, we can shoot beautiful portraits for you before you graduate.  Check out Kaitlin's slideshow to see what we did last Friday!

Another winter senior portrait session!

  • Published January 13th, 2012 by Jessica

Here is a sneak peek of Lyndey's senior portraits from yesterday.  To view slideshow, click here.

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