Fall...A Great Time for Senior Photography!

Fall is our favorite time of the year for so many reasons.  The weather is absolutely gorgeous,and the leaves...well, they speak for themselves.  The leaves here at the studio are vibrant and make for perfect scenery!  Breanna came in for an Extreme Senior Session last Friday and we were so excited to photograph her.  At first, the day started off ugly and threatened us of rain.  However, by the time she came in that afternoon, we had incredible light!  We couldn't wait to try out some ideas, so we made this session a Lynn & Jessica tag-team shoot!  This North Gwinnett senior was so much fun to photograph and made for a perfect model.  We hope you enjoy your sneak peak from your session!


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Dacula High School Senior For 2012

Here is a young lady that is a rising senior for Dacula High School.  Here are a few portraits we created during her session.  Her session is a great example as to why adding a location session to a studio adds great variety to your images for selection.  This session was a lot of fun on a hot day. We even had a train go by for a neat effect.

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Anna from Buford High School!

What a fun session we had with Anna  from Buford High School!  She brought so many great outfits to photograph and even brought a formal gown!  Call us today to book your senior portraits.  It is NEVER too late!

Click "PLAY" below to see Anna's session!

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Check out one of our 2011 Senior Models!

We have been VERY busy photographing some of our  Class of 2011 models.... If you are interested in modeling for us, let us know!  We are ALWAYS looking for excited seniors to photograph!


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Shelby from Collins Hill

Here are some great images of Shelby from Collins Hill High School that we did this week.  It was a lot of fun.  Thanks Shelby!

Mill Creek Senior

Here is another senior we had the priviledge to see recently!  This is Chelsea.  She attends Mill Creek High School.  This is a card our other photographer Jessica created. I just love the color red!

Dacula Football Senior

This is Trip Soucie.  Trip is a rising senior at Dacula High School.  Here is a sample of a senior invitation we offer using an image from Trip's portrait session. Trip and his brother Hale installed the split rail fence you see around our studio and they do a great job helping us out at the studio from time to time with various projects.