David's Senior Year

  • Published October 8th, 2013 by Lynn


These are a few images from a few weeks ago of David from Hebron Christian Academy. David was a great model as well. I just loved his images with this years new Coca-Cola sign we painted on the side of our country store. David is looking forward to completing his senior year and loves to play soccer. We are looking forward to creating a family portrait for him and his mom and dad in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for a fun session David!

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Senior Portrait Blog / Why You Should Take Sports Photos

  • Published April 30th, 2012 by Jessica

Okay... Anyone who plays a sport already has a team photo and an individual photo taken at school (or at their league.)  So, why should you bring all of your gear here to the studio during your senior portrait session?  That's easy.  There are several reasons...

1.  Unique Posing

2.  Different Posing

3.  Multiple Lighting Tecniques

4.  Our "Dirty Sports" Application

5.  Graphic Design Capabilities

6.  They Are NOT Your Boring School Sports Photos!

7.  They Speak For Themselves:


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