New Senior Blog with a New Site to Follow!

  • Published February 29th, 2012 by Jessica

Welcome to our new, dedicated Senior Portrait Blog!  Lynn and I have decided to split up our marketing efforts this year and I will be in charge of our senior campaign.  Over the next few weeks you will see updated content on our blog pages as well as new posts. 

One thing we would like to share is about our NEW WEBSITE coming soon!!!!  I worked very hard to design our new Senior portrait website to match our marketing campaign.  We have sent it off to our website designer, Mike Saville, so he can write the code for it and get it going live.  (All that crazy computer code stuff is WAY over my head.)  It should be ready really soon.  We have completed all of our marketing for the Class of 2013 and will be sending out the first mailer in the next few months.  Juniors, keep a look out for our card!

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